Viagrow 1.4 lbs. Premium Soilless Coconut Coir Brick Grow Media (12-Pack)

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Viagrow Coconut coir bricks are composed of 3 different types of compressed coconut coir crafting the perfect mix for root production, growth and yield. This 1.4 lbs. (650 g), high quality, low sodium, triple washed, sterile growing medium is an alternative to sphagnum peat Moss and requires lowering watering frequency. When hydrated with water, Viagrow Coir bricks and blocks rapidly expand which saves you time and effort. The coir bricks can be exclusively used by themselves, blended or mixed with expanded clay pellets, code: VS10, perlite, code: VPER4, vermiculite, code: VER4, topsoil, earth worm castings or a compost of your choice. With an incredible cation exchange and desired air to water ratio it is a good growing media for use with enzymes and beneficial bacteria products that convert roots to biomass. Great for all plants, clones, seedling and germinating seeds, mushroom cultivation, and brown matter during composting.

  • Compressed for easy storage and transportation, each Viagrow 650 g brick makes up to 2 Gal. of ready to use premium grow media when watered
  • Optimum air to water ratio Viagrow coco coir can retain large amounts of water for less frequent watering while maintaining ample aeration for your plants
  • Increased nutrient retention Viagrow coir retains valuable and necessary nutrients for your plant's growth, better than many other grow medias
  • Neutral pH Viagrow coconut coir is pH neutral and a low E.C, making it ideal for most plants and growers
  • Sterile Viagrow coco coir is triple washed and steamed to assure low PPM, sodium value and sterilized to produce a perfect growing media that can be mixed with other growing mediums such as: perlite, vermiculite, soil, expanded clay pebbles and so much more

Item Weight 18
Soil Matter Organic
Organic Yes
Bag Weight (lb.) 1.4
Soil Amendment Type Perlite
Returnable 180-Day

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